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26 2019-02


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Modern Stochastics: Theory and Applications      ISSN 2351-6046 / eISSN 2351-6054  Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Kęstutis Kubilius Prof. Yuliya Mishura More about  VTeX  https://vtex.lt/  

17 2016-08

Logos, journal

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LOGOS A Journal, of Religion, Philosophy Comparative Cultural Studies and Art ISSN 0868-7692 Editor-in-Chief – Dalia Marija Stančienė Deputy of the Editor-in-Chief – Gintautas Vyšniauskas   The journal "LOGOS" is mainly devoted to scholarly studies in all areas of philosophy. The journal also publishes Lithuanian translations of important philosophical texts. Scholarly articles on religion, art, and general [...]

17 2016-02

Lithuanian Sports University

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Laisvalaikio tyrimai   ISSN 2345-0339 Editor-in-Chief   Biruta Švagždienė Reabilitacijos mokslai: slauga, kineziterapija, ergoterapija   ISSN 2029-3194,  Editor-in-Chief  Vilma Dudonienė Baltic Journal of Sport & Health Sciences   ISSN 2351-6496,   Editor-in-Chief  Marius Brazaitis  

02 2015-12

Vilnius University

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About Vilnius University journals Following traditions of the academic publishing since 1575, Vilnius University Press publishes scientific, informational, promotional, scientific popular books (monographs, studies, dictionaries, reference books, encyclopedias, publications of sources, etc.), study literature (textbooks, educational books, teaching and methodological tools), scientific periodicals, PhD theses. Vilnius University Press publishes 39 peer-reviewed scholarly journals.   [...]

22 2014-12

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design

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TECHNOLOGY AND ART / TECHNOLOGIJOS IR MENAS ISSN 2029-400X Editor-in-Chief   Dr  Andrius Gulbinas Executive Inga Krakelienė Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VCTD) is the biggest college of technological and artistic aspect in Lithuania. Seeking to ensure the quality of studies and implement the priorities provided in the Lithuanian Republic Science and Study Law, it has [...]

19 2011-12

Klaipeda University

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Acta Historica Universitatis Klaipedensis   ISSN 1392-4095   Editor-in-Chief   Silva Pocytė Andragogy  First issue was published in 2011. Archaeologia Baltica   ISSN 1392-5520  Editor-in-Chief Vladas Žulkus Computational Science and Techniques    ISSN: 2029-9966  Editor-in-Chief  Assoc Prof Dr Dalia Baziuke Jūra ir aplinka   ISSN 1392-785X   Editor-in-Chief  Alfonsas Ramonas Res Humanitariae   ISSN 1822-7708  Editor-in-Chief  Rimantas Balsys Tiltai  ISSN 1392–8600  Editor-in-Chief  Stasys Vaitekūnas  

05 2011-10

Aleksandras Stulginskis University

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Agricultural Engineering  ISSN 1392-1134 / eISSN 2345-0371   Editor-in-Chief   Prof.  Juozas Padgurskas Economics and Rural Development   ISSN 1822-3346 / eISSN 2345-0347    Editor-in-Chief   Prof. Dr Baiba Rivža, Latvia University of Agriculture Journal of Water Security   eISSN 2345-0363  Editor-in-Chief  Prof.  TalisJuhna, Riga Technical University, Latvia Management Theory and Studies for Rural Business and Infrastructure Development ISSN 1822-6760 / eISSN 2345-0355   Editor-in-Chief   Prof. [...]