26 2012-10

Research Journals Publishing: Plagiarism Prevention and Publication Ethics. Round table discussion

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Round table discussion "Research journals publishing: plagiarism prevention and publication ethics" Organizers: Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, The Association of Lithuanian Serials Date: November-07- 2012 (Wednesday) 10:00 a.m. till 12:00 a.m. Place: Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Small Hall (Gedimino pr. 3, Vilnius). Target group: editors of research journals, members of editorial boards and everyone who is related [...]

08 2012-05

Conference ‘Scientometrics: The Research Publication and Its Value’

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This is the second conference on the topic of scientometrics initiated by LMPA. The first conference 'Scientometrics Tools: What Do We Know About Them and How Do We Use Them?' held on April 29, 2011. Organiser: The Association of Lithuanian Serials Partners:  The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, The Lithuanian Research Library Consortium Data: April 24, 2012 / 9.00 a.m. Venue: [...]

01 2012-03

Conference ‘The Value of Unique Scholarly Identifiers to Academics, Institutions and Countries’

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The conference took place at the Parliament of Lithuania, in Vilnius  on February 14th, 2012. The topic of researcher identification is relevant not only to librarians and publishers but also to researchers of all subject areas.  Therefore, the main goal of the conference was to explain to the wide academic community how the latest technologies have been [...]

24 2011-11

Presentations of the Catalogue of the Lithuanian Research Journals 2011

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The Catalogue of the Lithuanian Research Journals 2011 was presented at the Vilnius, London, Frankfurt Book Fairs and at the international conferences in Lithuania. We regret to say that the list of conferences is presented only in Lithuanian.   Conferences Lietuvos mokslo istorikų ir filosofų konferencija „Scientia et Historia – 2011“, Lietuvos kultūros tyrimų institutas LMPA [...]

21 2011-10

Conference ‘Let‘s Open the Scholarly Knowledge to the World’

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The conference Let’s Open the Scholarly Knowledge to the World will take place at The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (Gedimino ave. 3, Vilnius) on October 27th to mark an international Open Access week. The organizers of the event are The Lithuanian Research Library Consortium, The Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and The Lithuanian Research Council. The conference [...]

21 2011-10

Lecture “Demystifying the Publishing Process”

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If you think you are a rookie in writing research articles and submitting them to publishing, this lecture is right just for you. You will find out how to prepare an article so that it conforms to the requirements of research journal publishers and choose the most appropriate journal for your article by listening to a [...]

22 2011-09

Workshop “Aspects of Research Journal Publishing: Citation and Plagiarism”

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We would like to thank all who filled in the questionnaires of the survey Aspects of Research Journal Publishing: Citation and Plagiarism. Having reviewed 167 questionnaires and a number of comments, it is clear that an argumentative live discussion is necessary. Some survey questions received equal number of identical opinions. With reference to the question on originality of [...]

08 2011-05

Conference “Scientometrics Tools: What Do We Know About Them and How Do We Use Them?”

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The conference “Scientometrics Tools: What Do We Know About Them and How Do We Use Them?” organized by The Association of Lithuanian Serials and The Lithuanian Research Library Consortium on 29 April (Friday). You must have heard about rankings of universities and you know that the evaluation of institutions is carried out in accordance with complex [...]

20 2011-04

Open Journal Systems: Possibilities of the Lithuanian Research Journal Distribution

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The aim of the project is to acknowledge the Lithuanian research journal publishers and editorial boards with Open Journal Systems (OJS) which is a wide-spread research journal electronic publishing system and encourage them to use this system for publishing and distribution of the Lithuanian research journals. This project will include workshops which will be organized in Vilnius, Kaunas [...]

21 2011-01

Events during the Vilnius Book Fair, LITEXPO, 17-20 February 2011

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CrossRef as a Key Step in Publishing Research Journals is one of the main events of LMPA exposition (on 17 February, 12 , C). During his visit to Lithuania, Geoffrey Bilder, CrossRef Director of Strategic Initiatives, will make a presentation on CrossRef initiatives developed for academic publishers DOI, CrossCheck, CrossMark etc. For more information on CrossRef see http://www.crossref.org/CrossRefAnimation.html Thursday February 17, 2011 at 12:00 PM Conference hall 5.2, [...]

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