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Engaged in research and experimental development in the fields of biomedical and physical sciences.


ISSN code of print-version is 0067-3064
of electronic version e-ISSN code is 1648-858X

Editor-in-Chief  Prof. Dr. Albertas BITINAS

Baltica is a peer-reviewed journal published biannually in cooperation with the geoscientists of the circum-Baltic States. This is a regional journal generally linked with the Baltic Sea region and giving priority to the original research papers related to geosciences (geology, physical geography, geophysics, oceanology, etc.). In some cases, other papers including interdisciplinary topics or linked with other regions of our planet are also available for publication.


ISSN 1392-1665 (print)
ISSN 2029-932X (online)

Editor-in-chief: Dr. Jolita Radušienė

Botanica (formerly Botanica Lithuanica) is Nature Research Centre’s international periodical scientific journal established by the then Institute of Botany in 1995. Since 2012, Botanica is an open access journal published in the English language twice a year.

Botanica publishes original research and review articles, short communications, commentaries, and information in the fields of botany and ecology (biomedical sciences), including algology, bryology, lichenology, plant physiology, phytocenology, systematics and taxonomy of plants and fungi, including phytoviruses, as well as basic botany, economic botany and conservation of botanical diversity. Manuscripts are subject to review by at least two anonymous referees from Lithuania and foreign countries; other contributions are reviewed by editors. About 50 percent of manuscripts are rejected. To ensure that the content of papers published in Botanica is original, all manuscripts are checked through the CrossCheck System. CrossCheck allows detecting plagiarism and ensure the originality and high quality of articles published.

Zoology and Ecology

Online ISSN: 2165-8013

Editor-in-chief – – dr. Denis Copilas-Ciocianu

Zoology and Ecology (formerly known as Acta Zoologica Lituanica) publishes original scientific research papers, reviews and short communications dealing with animal ecology and all aspects of zoology presented within an ecological context (including, but not limited to behaviour, morphology, physiology, systematics, and biogeography). There is no bias regarding taxon or type of natural ecosystem. Geographically, priority is given to studies conducted in the Baltic countries and Eastern Europe, but relevant studies from all regions are welcome. Papers concerning man-made (e.g. agricultural) ecosystems can be considered as long as there are demonstrable ramifications for natural environments.

Publication and downloading of articles are free of charge.