ISSN 2029-400X

Editor-in-Chief   Dr  Andrius Gulbinas

Executive Inga Krakelienė

Vilnius College of Technologies and Design (VCTD) is the biggest college of technological and artistic aspect in Lithuania. Seeking to ensure the quality of studies and implement the priorities provided in the Lithuanian Republic Science and Study Law, it has been publishing a scientific journal “Technologies and Art. Research and Issues“ since 2010.

The publication contributes to the issue emphasized in the Science and Study Law that “in colleges the unity of science (art) and studies has been ensured through the close contact with practice – participation of teachers and students in applied research and experimental (social, cultural) development issues ordered by business, industry and other organizations; in regional development projects and consulting activity“.

The journal encourages lecturers to share experience and knowledge, professional and pedagogical competence activating the development of creative and scientific potential. This journal deals with the current scientific, art and study issues, analyzes the priorities of study quality and presents the research conducted in the spheres of technologies, art and social sciences.