Purposes and tasks of activities of the Association

  • Promote innovations in scholarly journal publishing in Lithuania.
  • Collaborate with international organisations and initiatives to promote Lithuanian journals in the academic community worldwide.
  • Develop and establish ethical principles in scholarly journal publishing.
  • Take care of consultancy and training for the members of the Association.
  • Collaborative forum for Lithuanian journals’ editors

  Lithuanian journals and   publishers

The Association of Lithuanian Serials unites 30 members that publish 140 scholarly journals. Its mission is to help national journals become innovative and respond to the needs of current scholarly communication. Members >>

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The Association of Lithuanian Serials is the only Sponsoring member of Crossref in Lithuania. Currently the association publishes books for promoting professional academic publishing. Publishing >>


We organise events for keep our members and Lithuanian academic community updated with the newest implementations in scholarly communication. The full list of events organised 2010- .
Events >>