The Association of Lithuanian Serials has prepared a publication about the association and its members.

The genesis of modern Lithuanian scholarly journals can be traced back to the 1960s. Some journals have been continuously published for over five decades, and their publishers also have histories spanning decades. Since the restoration of independence, the Lithuanian publishing landscape has undergone significant changes, with new publishers and journals emerging, and some journals have been discontinued. In 2020, 225 scholarly journals were issued by Lithuanian publishers. However, detailed information about these publishers, both newcomers and established ones, is often hard to find. Usually, one can only obtain the date of establishment of the publishing house, a list of its journals, and its current management. Information about the founders, the reasons behind its establishment, its history, and the people who contributed to its growth is harder to obtain, yet it is crucial for understanding the evolution of science in Lithuania – after all, scholarly journals are key players in the scholarly landscape, as they disseminate scholarly results.

When we began collecting information about Lithuanian publishers of scholarly journals, we found that even the publishers themselves often lacked records of significant dates, persons, and decisions. We designed a questionnaire to collect data on the inception of their publishing activities, founders, major milestones, objectives, management, changes and reorganisations, publications, achievements, evaluations, and future plans.

The encyclopaedic-style texts in this publication were prepared by Dr Vytautas Volungevičius based on the information provided by the publishers. This information was reviewed with the publishers at the end of 2023.

This publication includes entries on 27 publishers and the Association of Lithuanian Serials, arranged according to their date of joining the Association. It covers the majority of the most active Lithuanian scholarly journals publishers.

This publication was initiated and its preparation financed by the Association of Lithuanian Serials.

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