About the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH)

VILNIUS TECH is one of the leading academic publishers in Lithuania.

VILNIUS TECH is a member of official Digital Object Identifier Registration Agency of the International DOI Foundation (Crossref), The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP) and Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA).

The VILNIUS TECH publishes research and study publications, scientific journals, doctoral dissertations and conference proceedings in both print and digital format. All research and study publications are peer reviewed and edited. VILNIUS TECH strives to use advanced technologies and implements innovations of scholarly communication to ensure the highest quality of research journals and other publications publishing.

VILNIUS TECH registers Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and deposit metadata for all published digital content. It ensures the creation of persistent links to publications and also expands the reach and discovery of the scholarly content.

The VILNIUS TECH publishes 15 open access peer reviewed scientific journals. 7 of them are in the field of physical and technology sciences, 5 in the social sciences, and 3 are multidisciplinary. VILNIUS TECH use Open Journal Systems (OJS) platform. It is an open source software application for managing and publishing scholarly journals. Some journals implement peer review process by using ScholarOne Manuscripts platform. In process of scholarly publishing, VILNIUS TECH applies Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing of Committee’s on Publication Ethics (COPE). The University is proud of one of VILNIUS TECH journal’s has a membership of COPE.

VILNIUS TECH supports Open Access and makes all published articles freely available and reusable. From the year 2018 all articles are published under CC-BY 4.0 licence.

VILNIUS TECH understands the importance of core principles of scholarly communication and puts an effort in publishing articles as soon as possible after acceptance. VILNIUS TECH journals operate a continuous publication model so articles are published as soon as they are ready. The university supports Initiative for Open Citations (I4OC) striving to promote the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data.

VILNIUS TECH deposits the articles that it publishes in digital archives Portico, CLOCKSS, LOCKSS to guarantee long-term digital preservation.

VILNIUS TECH research journals are indexed in various databases. 10 journals are indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science, 7 of the has Journal Impact Factor (JIF) and 3 are included in Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index). Thirteen journals are indexed in SCOPUS database.

Updated May 10, 2021

Research Journals

ISSN 1648-7788 / eISSN 1822-4180

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Gintautas Bureika

Aviation publishes the articles considering the aviation from technology to scientific problematics: aero-structures; air traffic management; degradation processes of aviation systems; diagnosis of aircraft failures; aircraft design engineering; flight mechanics; flight physics; systems and equipment of aircrafts; maintenance of aircrafts; management of airports; aircraft operation and maintenance; air transport technology development; aircraft avionics, airports; human factors and human reliability in aviation; propulsion; unmanned aerial vehicles (design and artificial intelligence); modern aerial navigation systems (procedures and design of systems); etc.

Aviation is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index), Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 2669-2481 / eISSN 2669-249X

Editor-in-Chief Assoc. Prof. Dr. Viktorija Skvarciany

Business, Management and Economics Engineering publishes original scientific papers on the latest empirical and theoretical research conducted either at the national or international level dealing with contemporary aspects of economics, business and management. The Journal is designed for publishing articles in the following fields of research: regional economics and development; circular economy; digital economy; supply chain economy; economic and management approaches to sustainability; globalisation processes; risk assessment and management; financial technologies (FinTech); measuring and evaluating sustainable development; green investment; information and communications technology (ICT) development; contemporary business technologies; logistics management; organisational behaviour; modelling of socio-economic processes.

Business, Management and Economics Engineering is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index), Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 1648-0627 / eISSN 1822-4202

Editor-in Chief Prof. Dr. Vida Davidavičienė

Business: Theory and Practice publishes original research articles, reviews, and case studies on all areas of business management. The proposing new scientific insights, classifications, evaluation methodologies, and business models are welcome. The topics of interest are contemporary organization management, change management, innovations, strategic management, business process management, supply chain management, marketing, corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship, organizational and market behavior research, etc.

Business: Theory and Practice is indexed in Scopus, EBSCOhost: Business Source Complete and other databases.

ISSN 2345-0479 / eISSN 2345-0487

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Tomas Kačerauskas

Creativity Studies publishes original research on creativity in different fields of science, art and culture including philosophical aspects of creativitym creative communication, sociology and psychology of creativity, creative city, creativity education, management of creativity, creative economy, creative innovations, creative politics, creative management etc. The journal publishes original articles,  survey articles and conference reports.

Creativity Studies is indexed in Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 2029-882X / eISSN 2029-8838

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Algirdas Juozapaitis

Engineering Structures and Technologies  is a peer-review journal, which publishes original research papers. The journal presents new results of research, practical proposals and recommendations on the introduction of science and technical equipment in order to improve sustainable construction. Topics of interest of Engineering Structures and Technologies include: buildings; bridges and innovative structures; environmentally responsive structures; underground constructions; offshore and onshore structures; television and telecommunication masts; transmission towers; pipelines and pressure vessels; marine structures and other topics related to structural engineering and construction technologies.

Engineering Structures and Technologies is indexed in EBSCOhost: Academic Search Complete, ProQuest: Summon, ProQuest: Ulrichsweb and other databases.

ISSN 2029-6991 / eISSN 2029-7009

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Eimuntas Paršeliūnas

Geodesy and Cartography publishes original research in the fields of measurements engineering, geodesy, geography, cartography, remote sensing, geoinformation systems, land management and geology.

Geodesy and Cartography is indexed in Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 1648-715X / eISSN 1648-9179

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Audrius Banaitis

International Journal of Strategic Property Management  is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal which publishes original research papers. The journal provides a forum for discussion and debate relating to all areas of strategic property management. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following: asset management, facilities management, enhancing residential property value, real estate valuation and investment, sustainability and housing development, applications of information technologies in property management, mathematical methods in property management, etc.

International Journal of Strategic Property Management is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index), Scopus, ABS, ABDC and other databases.

ISSN 2029-7955 / ISSN 2029-7947

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Almantas Samalavičius

Journal of Architecture and Urbanism publishes scholarly articles on: urban planning And urban design, development of sustainable regional and urban architecture, architectural history and theory, the history and theory of processes of landscape architecture and urbanism , issues of architectural heritage and education.

Journal of Architecture and Urbanism is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Emerging Sources Citation Index), Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 1611-1699 / eISSN 2029-4433

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Jelena Stankevičienė

Journal of Business Economics and Management publishes original scientific articles related to the competitiveness of countries and economic entities, and the assessment of macro and micro processes in the economy, assessment of economic efficiency of innovations and investments, sustainable development of socio-economic systems, multi-criteria assessment of socio-economic processes. Articles related to the dynamics of development of micro- and macro-level socio-economic systems and processes, internal and external environment, behaviour of organizations in the conditions of economic crises, strategic management issues are also published. Research on the circular economy, marketing, entrepreneurship, clusters, regional development, international economics, cross-country and socio-economic development, the shadow economy, corruption, small and medium-sized enterprise development, corporate bankruptcy, corporate failure, original application of new or existing approaches for comprehensive evaluation of socio-economic processes are also the objects of articles published in Journal of Business Economics and Management.

Journal of Business Economics and Management is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index), Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 1392-3730 / eISSN 1822-3605

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Artūras Kaklauskas

Journal of Civil Engineering and Management publishes research articles and scientific reviews in the following fields: all stages of the building life cycle, building materials and structures, BIM, smart built environmentstructural mechanics and physics, geotechnical engineering, road and bridge engineering, constructions technology, economy and managementoperational research, digital twin, IoT, robotics, affective computing, intelligent decision support systemsinformation technologies in construction, fire protection and labour safety, renovation of buildings.

Journal of Civil Engineering and Management is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Science Citation Index Expanded)Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 1648-6897 / eISSN 1822-4199

Editor-in-Chief Assoc. Prof. Dr. Raimondas Grubliauskas

Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management publishes articles that link thematically to research in environmental engineering, environmental protection, landscaping, and related industries to achieve sustainability, highlighting the changes caused by human activities. The subjects include air, water, soil pollution control and pollution mitigation technologies, entrails of the earth and their protection, principles of waste circular management, environmental expertise, control over technological environmental impacts and reduction technologies, nuclear and radioactive pollution, modelling environmental processes, environmental monitoring, landscape protection, environmental law and management, quality of indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, it publishes short reports and observations, reviews and bibliography, reports on conferences and workshops.

Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Science Citation Index Expanded)Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 1392-6292 / eISSN 1648-3510

Editor-in Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Raimondas Čiegis

Mathematical Modelling and Analysis is a peer reviewed open access journal that publishes original research which explores new and important developments in all areas of mathematical modelling and analysis. The scope of the Journal includes: mathematical modelling; all fields of numerical analysis; analysis and numerical solution of ODE and PDE; mathematical aspects of scientific computing; parallel algorithms; approximation theory; optimization.

Mathematical Modelling and Analysis is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Science Citation Index Expanded)Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 2029-2341 / eISSN 2029-2252

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Habil. Antanas Čenys

Science – Future of Lithuania journal is designed for young researchers, provide them stage and skills towards highest level scientific publications.

Articles are published on the following areas of research: environmental protection engineering, architecture and urban design, aviation technology, bioengineering and bioinformatics, physics and physical information technology, electronics and electrical engineering, informatics, computer-aided graphics and design, mathematics, mechanics, material engineering, industrial engineering and management, construction and building engineering systems, transport, business.

Science – Future of Lithuania is indexed in IndexCopernicus and other databases.

ISSN 2029-4913 / eISSN 2029-4921

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Zenonas Turskis

Technological and Economic Development of Economy is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research, review articles and book reviews on all areas of sustainable development, including political, economic, environmental, and technological strategies. The journal incorporating sustainability topics into economics, technological development, social and financial systems focuses on decision-making theory and Operations Research, finance disciplines and fiscal sustainability, economic growth, sustainable rationality and innovation. The journal provides insights and research on economists and policymakers’ essential topics and solves real case studies.

Technological and Economic Development of Economy is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Social Sciences Citation Index)Scopus and other databases.

ISSN 1648-4142 / eISSN 1648-3480

Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dr. Olegas Prentkovskis

TRANSPORT is one of the oldest scientific journals of VILNIUS TECH which has been published since 1986. 

The journal publishes scientific articles that analyse various problems related to the fundamentals of the transport system, possibilities of using alternative fuels in vehicles, traffic safety, infrastructure of the transport system, transport policy, technology for carrying passengers and freight, technology for multimodal transportation and logistics, environmental protection and ecology, intelligent transport systems, autonomous transport, etc.

TRANSPORT is one of the six scientific journals published in Lithuania that are included in Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). This is a prestigious membership that proves that the journal published in the university adheres to the highest standards of publishing ethics.

TRANSPORT is indexed in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science (Science Citation Index Expanded)ScopusTransport Research International Documentation (TRID) and other databases.