Aviation publishes original research, reports and reviews about aviation, plus conference reports. 

Business, Management and Education publishes original research on economics, business and higher education management.

Business: Theory and Practice publishes original research, reviews and case studies on all areas of strategic management and organizational behaviour.

Creativity Studies publishes original research on communication within the creative society, survey articles and conference reports.

Engineering Structures and Technologies publishes original research on the implementation of scientific and technical equipment in sustainable building.

Geodesy and Cartography publishes original research in the fields of geodesy, cartography, remote sensing, geoinformation systems, geoscience, land management and environmental sciences.

International Journal of Strategic Property Management publishes original interdisciplinary research on strategic management of property.

The Journal of Architecture and Urbanism publishes original research on all aspects of urban architecture.

Journal of Business Economics and Management publishes original research papers that provide insights into business and strategic management issues.

The Journal of Civil Engineering and Management publishes original research that seeks to improve civil engineering competency, efficiency and productivity in world markets.

The Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management publishes original research about the environment with emphasis on sustainability.

Mathematical Modelling and Analysis publishes original research on all areas of mathematical modelling and analysis.

Science – Future of Lithuania / Mokslas – Lietuvos ateitis publishes original research written by early career researchers.

Technological and Economic Development of Economy is a peer reviewed journal that publishes original research, review articles and book reviews on all areas of sustainable economic development including political, economic and technological economic strategies. The journal provides insights and original research on topics of importance to economists and original research on topics of importance to economists and policy makers. 

The TRANSPORT publishes original researches on transportation science and technologies.

About Vilnius Gediminas Technical University

As VGTU understands the importance of core principles of scholarly communication, the editors of VGTU journals strive to organise peer review process within 60 days, and VGTU press puts effort in publishing articles usually within 4–6 weeks after acceptance. VGTU journals start to operate a continuous publication model so articles are published as soon as they are ready. VGTU Press team do their best to upload archives of the journals to the new system and make the content accessible for readers as soon as possible.