Dr Jūratė Kuprienė, Dr Žibutė Petrauskienė, project eLABa

Speech at the conference   National Research Journals: Quantity and Quality  on March 18th, 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


VIDEO    and    PDF   ( in Lithuanian).

The report will present eLABa repository, its features and capabilities, and in connection with that – examine to what extent and how open access can be useful for a scientist or science magazine, for its lending, visibility and assessment.



Žibutė Petrauskienė

Dr Žibutė Petrauskienė. Head of Scientific Information Data Department, Vilnius University Library; National Archive of Open Access to Scientific Data – MIDAS project coordinator. In 2008 defended a thesis for the doctoral degree. Since 2008 – Doctor of Humanities. Responsibilities: open access, scientific communication, research support, scientometric and bibliometric research, project activities.


Jūratė Kuprienė

Dr Jūratė Kuprienė. Director for Innovations and Infrastructure Development, Vilnius University Library; Coordinator, Consortium of Lithuanian Academic Libraries for the Maintenance and Development of an Information Infrastructure for Scientific and Studies; lecturer, VU Faculty of Communication. Doctor of Humanities, Communication and Information (since 2012). Responsibilities: coordination and creation of information systems, research support, information management, project management, etc.