30 2023-06

The programme for the international research conference “The Periodicals and a Changing Society: The 200th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Periodical Press” has now been published

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The programme: https://www.ibsc2023.kf.vu.lt/lt/programa/ The periodical press, as a means of mass communication, reflects the collective relationship with a society. It is the fourth estate governing humankind without any laws or punishments and responsible to readers and the state. Nations in East, Central and North Europe entered the age of the periodical press at different times–mid-18th c. [...]

31 2023-01

European Humanities University became a member of the Association of Lithuanian Serials

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European Humanities University joined the Association of Lithuanian Serials. The European Humanities University was founded in Minsk in 1992. EHU was the first educational institution in Belarus, modeled on prestigious foreign colleges and universities and based on a fundamental study of the humanities and social sciences. The new independent University proclaimed its mission to revive European [...]

20 2022-09

Vilnius Business College became a member of the Association of Lithuanian Serials

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Vilnius Business College joined the Association of Lithuanian Serials. Vilnius Business College started its activities in 1989 as one of the first non-state higher schools. Since 2007, the Vilnius Business College has been an accredited higher education institution with the right to grant a professional bachelor's degree. Since 2013, as many as 90% of graduates successfully [...]

31 2022-05

A new council and president have been elected

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The general meeting of the association elected a new council and president of the association for a three-year period. Council members (2022–): Vincas Grigas | Vilnius University Rita Vaičekauskaitė | Klaipeda University Adriana Kvieklienė | Kaunas University of Technology Zigmas Kairaitis | Lithuanian Geographical Society Asta Zarauskienė | Lithuanian Sports University Chair of the Council (2022–): [...]

17 2022-05

The community of the association was supplemented by Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences

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Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences joined The Association of Lithuanian Serials. Šiauliai State University of Applied Sciences is the only state higher educational institution in Šiauliai county that provides higher college education. The Institution started its operation in 2002 by the order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania to [...]

10 2022-03

Statement on Ukraine

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We, The Association of Lithuanian Serials, express our full support for Ukraine which is suffering from the Russian invasion. This invasion is happening in today’s Europe, where we live and work.   Ukraine is a part of the European scholarly community and we stand by our Ukrainian colleagues. It is utterly heart-breaking and unacceptable that such an invasion can happen. [...]

19 2021-08

Almost 200 scholarly journal titles were published in Lithuania in 2020

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The Lithuanian Association of Serials conducted a study of Lithuanian scholarly journals on the application of publishing technology, open access, registration in databases and other indicators. Neither in Lithuania nor in the world do we have a database of peer reviewed scientific journals that allows us to get a complete picture of the country's scholarly publishers. [...]

28 2021-01

Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore

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The Institute publishes four peer-reviewed scholarly journals: Colloquia. ISSN 1823-3737 (print) Editor-in-Chief prof. dr. Gitana Vanagaitė (Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore, Vytautas Magnus University), atsakingoji redaktorė dr. Gintarė Bernotienė (Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore) Tautosakos darbai (Folklore studies). ISSN 1392-2831 (print) Editor-in-Chief Assoc. prof. dr. Bronė Stundžienė (Institute of Lithuanian Literature and Folklore) Senoji [...]

28 2021-01

Recording and slides of a seminar on Using Digital Identifiers in Increasing the Dissemination of Scholarly Publications

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The Visoriai Information Technology Park, the Science Publishing Cluster together with The Association of Lithuanian Serials, Vilnius University, and the Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania are continuing the event cycle designed for the Lithuanian scientific publishing community and now invite participants to take part in new digital seminars focused on the most advanced breakthroughs in [...]

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