Lithuanian Culture Research Institute (LCRI) is a state scientific research institution. At the beginning of 2021 it had 75 research fellows. Institute scholars investigate Lithuanian culture, the development of art and philosophy, their peculiarities and links with European and global cultural history and its development. LCRI cover a broad array of focus in Lithuanian culture and its constituent parts: fine art, music, theatre, philosophy, analyses their links with political and social state development. Research is carried out in cooperation with other Lithuanian and foreign scientific research and education institutions. 

Lithuanian Cultural Research Institute publishes three peer-reviewed scholarly journals:

Athena: Philosophical Studies
ISSN 1822-5047
ISSN 2538-7294 (online)

Editors: Assoc. Prof. Danutė Bacevičiūtė, Prof. Naglis Kardelis, Prof. Audronė Žukauskaitė

“Athena: Philosophical Studies” is an annual philosophical journal, founded in 2006. The purpose of the journal is to provide a platform for high quality research in contemporary philosophy. “Athena: Philosophical Studies” is included in the following databases: CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library), EBSCO Publishing, Humanities International Index, The Philosopher’s Index.

Sovijus. Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture
ISSN 2351-471X
ISSN 2351-4728 (online)

Editor-in Chief:  Acad. Prof. Antanas Andrijauskas

 “Sovijus. Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture” is a peer-reviewed semi-annual journal discussing the main  problems of cultural development, the spread of cultural items and interaction of different cultures, as well as developing  new research fields in the  cultural studies area. The journal contains scientific articles and studies, covering an entire range of topics related to the cultural development, cultural theory, civilizational comparativistics, social and cultural anthropology, cultural memory, cultural psychology, cultural sociology, new media culture as well as publish translations of topical texts, historical sources, and reviews. Articles are published in Lithuanian, English and other languages commonly used by the academic community.

Sphairos: Cultural and Media Studies
ISSN 2669-2988
eISSN 2783-5529

Editor-in Chief: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rita Repšienė

Periodical peer-reviewed interdisciplinary scholarly journal “Sphairos: Cultural and Media Studies” (“Lithuanian Cultural Studies” until 2020) continues intellectual traditions and creates a relevant and attractive space connecting cultural research and media studies, sparking new ideas, promoting creative discoveries, debating and discussing current cultural policy issues, and the perspectives of Lithuanian culture. It is a journal to examine the most significant issues of cultural theory, methodology and history, as well as to publish the papers carried out by university teachers and doctoral students, presenting significant cultural studies conducted in other countries, forming the horizon of our experiences, opportunities and challenges.