Organisers of the Conference: Research Council of Lithuania, The Association of Lithuanian Serials, ISM University of Management and EconomicsVilnius Gediminas Technical University


The Conference will be held at  ISM University of Management and Economics, building III,  auditorium 114B, Arklių g. 18,  LT-01129  Vilnius, Lithuania  

 25 October 2016   during International Open Access Week  2016 


This Conference welcomes journal editors, publishers, university policy makers, representatives of research institutions, librarians and everyone else interested in the topic.


The quantity and quality of national scholarly journals, as well as options for their dissemination, have been widely discussed in previous conferences. This year, the conference aims to not only introduce novelties but also look into the improvement of the Lithuanian scholarly periodicals over the last five years, i.e. the period when the international scholarly communication established in the digital space and more open.

The Conference will offer discussions on insights, challenges and solutions by guest speakers who are experts in peer-review, assessment of scientific output, and dissemination of journals.

The Conference also plans to present guidelines on the improvement of scholarly journal publication and introduce the Lithuanian scholarly journals that already conform to the guidelines. The key criteria are as follow: does a journal have a digital version; can it be easily found on the Internet and is accessible to the reader; does a journal have the implemented peer-review and publication systems; how may Lithuanian journals are indexed in the freely accessible academic databases, e. g.  Google Scholar, Zenodo, etc.


REGISTRATION is open  by October 19th Wednesday.



10.00–10.15  Welcome speeches

10.15–11.00    Ulf Sandström,     Australia and Lithuania Impact of Incentives Programs   PDF    ir    VIDEO .

11.00–11.45   Irene Hames.  Peer Review in a Changing and Challenging Scholarly Publication World.

11.45–12.30   break   and  presentation of the translated  book    Peer-review and Manuscript Management in Scientific journals  by Irene Hames. Right time for  autographs     

12.30–13.15  Lyubomir Penev.  Next-generation Science Needs Next-generation Publishing: the ARPHA Journal Publishing Platform.

13.15–13.45   Rūta PetrauskaitėAn Overview of the Periodicals of the Social Sciences and Humanities in Lithuania

13.45–15.00  break

15.00–15.30  Eleonora Dagienė.  The Lithuanian Journals: Who Still Has a Chance to Survive?

15.30–16.00   Alvida Kasiulytė. Use, Purpose and Advantages of ISSN Numbering.

16.00–16.30  Vidas DaudaravičiusElectronic Publishing of Scientific Journals: Three Trends

16.30–17.00   discussions


For general questions and queries about sponsoring the event, please contact Eleonora Dagienė, e-mail  [email protected] , phone +370 699 80155 

Open Access Week 2016