In June 2016, at the request of the Association of Lithuanian Serials, the national ISSN Agency supplied the list of academic periodicals registered in Lithuania stating their ISSN identifiers and additional information from the LIBIS system of the National Bibliographic Database.

Continuing publications recorded in the list of academic periodicals presented by the national agency were grouped according to the following criteria:
Publisher — compiler of the latest publication volumes, i.e. a university or its representative named in LIBIS or PDF file or otherwise, but not the institution that ordered ISSN.

Type of publication:
Scientific journal — peer-reviewed scholarly publication having a certain periodicity and ISSN. At this stage of the study, as research collections have no periodicity yet are referred to as scientific journals in the website of the publication, PDF file, website of the publisher and other Internet sources, they were classed together with scientific journals.

Conference proceedings — a collection of articles published in the context of a conference given at a certain periodicity and having a registered ISSN.

Popular publication — non peer-reviewed publication of an academic content and having ISSN.

Continuing publication — a series of research papers having a registered ISSN and without periodicity declared in advance. Distinct books and volumes of certain series have ISBN codes. At this stage, other publications having ISSN yet failing to fit other above-named types were also classed together with continuing publications.

Forms of publishing
Printed publication — has a registered ISSN print; some publications also have eISSN but weren’t separated at the initial stage. The section Number of Printed Publications provides figures on publications having ISSN print, irrespective of which was registered earlier, i.e. print or on-line.

Electronic publication — a publication having eISSN only and published in no other but electronic form. The section Number of Electronic Publications gives the number of publications issued in the electronic form alone. Printed forms having a registered eISSN were classed together with printed publications.

The table presents preliminary numbers of periodicals published in Lithuania. All numbers will be revised with the help of publishers.


Research insights and preliminary results will be presented by Rūta Petrauskaitė and Eleonora Dagienė at the Conference Lithuanian Journals Meeting the Needs of Digital Scholarly Communication, which will be held on 25 October 2016 at ISM University of Management and Economics, Arklių g. 18, Vilnius.