We would like to thank all who filled in the questionnaires of the survey Aspects of Research Journal Publishing: Citation and Plagiarism. Having reviewed 167 questionnaires and a number of comments, it is clear that an argumentative live discussion is necessary. Some survey questions received equal number of identical opinions. With reference to the question on originality of the article, 62 out of 167 respondents claimed that in order to consider the manuscript original, it has to contain more than 50% of new and original information, 59 respondents answered that new material should constitute 70% of the content, whereas 36 respondents maintained that it should be more than 30%. There was almost unanimous opinion (122 out of 167) that the Lithuanian research journals should publish regulations on plagiarism and self-plagiarism as well as sign the declaration of ethics. The detailed results of the survey will be presented at the seminar where all interested in the issues of research journal publishing are invited to attend.

The seminar Aspects of Research Journal Publishing: Citation and Plagiarism will be held in the Small Hall at the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences (Gedimino ave. 3, Vilnius) on November 9th (Wednesday) from 10.00 a.m. to 01.00 p.m.

Agenda of the seminar:

1. Citation of research journals. James Hardcastle, Journals Market ResearcherTaylor and Francis
2. Results of the survey “Prevention of Plagiarism in Publishing of Research Journals” and CrossCheck possibilities. Eleonora Dagienė, chair of the Council of The Association of Lithuanian Serials, director of Vilnius Gediminas Technical University Press
3. Questions, answers and discussion.
4. Forming of a work group the aim of which will be to draft the declaration text and regulations of the Lithuanian Research Journal Ethics.

Participants are requested to register by sending an e-mail to: [email protected]

Workshop is organized together with the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences under the project “Human resources development actions programme 3 priority “Researchers‛ competence enhancing” in the years 2007–2013“ VP1-3.2-ŠMM-02-V by a mean ”Deepening of knowledge about research and technologies and dissemination of it between pupils and youth and encouragement of sexual equality in science” at the projects financing conditions schedule No. 2 ”Research serials publication”, code of the project VP1-3.2-ŠMM-02-V-02-002.

James Hardcastle „Journals Market Reseacher“ presentation [ PDF ].