Prof. Rūta Petrauskaitė, vice chair of the Research Council of Lithuania

Speech at  the conference Lithuanian Journals Meeting the Needs of Digital Scholarly Communication   on 25 October 2016 in  Vilnius, Lithuania


Overview of the Periodicals of the Social Sciences and Humanities in Lithuania   PDF     and    VIDEO 

The presentation deals with status quo of the SSH periodicals, published in Lithuania from the point of view of their changing publishing cultures and specificity of their academic communication. It focuses on the formal features of the selected periodicals such as publishers, composition of the editorial boards, thematic trends, regularity and volume of publication, practices of author recruitment and peer review as well as specificity of modern publishing, referencing and dissemination. It also deals with the most prominent formal features of academic discourse including generic diversity of journals, thematic coherence in a volume and the structure of a research paper. A special emphasis is given to the domineering languages of publications and editorial language policies, strategies of research paper translation such as domestication or foreignization. The major trends of the national academic publishing practices are discussed and evaluated against the background of the European research policy, especially its drive for internationalization and impact for society.