Guillaume Rivalle, Pre-Sales team Manager for Europe, Thomson Reuters, Europe

Speech at the conference   National Research Journals: Quantity and Quality  on March 18th, 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


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Thomson Reuters is committed to providing comprehensive coverage of the world’s most important and influential journals to meet its subscribers’ current awareness and retrospective information retrieval needs.
We will discuss the fundamental core selection criteria, ranging from the qualitative to the quantitative, as well as future perspectives as to how this selection process is evolving for the 21st Century as science and publishing changes.

We will examine Lithuanian research in the global scholarly research context, Lithuanian collaboration and the citation patterns of current Lithuanian journals in Thomson Reuters Web of Science content to examine citation patterns, the disciplines which Lithuanian Research and trends from 1980–2015.


Guillaume Rivalle

Dr. Guillaume Rivalle obtained his PhD in Polymer Chemistry in 2001 and started working as patent analyst for Derwent Ltd. He then moved into the Customer Education department of Thomson Reuters and for the following four years trained thousands of end users on all continents on Thomson Reuters Research Discovery and Management solutions. He is now working as a solution consultant and leads a team of specialists based across Europe. This team’s responsibility is to present and educate the community in the use of bibliometrics and in Research Management solutions.